God Says, “Hold the Line!”

becky dvorak
As I finished up with the DARE to Believe online healing class last night, I heard the Spirit of the Lord say to me concerning my weekly FB Live message for today. He said, “Hold the Line!”. This is the message that I am sharing with you today, as we know the times we are living in are downright turbulent. And there is only one way to win the battle we find ourselves in, and that is to hold the line. Don’t back down, and don’t give the devil an inch. Stand strong and hold that line!
The Scriptures for this message from the NASB are:
Matthew 24: 10-12
Galatians 5:16
James 4:7
Ephesians 6:10
John 10:10
Luke 10:19
Genesis 1:26-28
1 John 4;4
And the following declarations were made:
I will not bow to demoniacs!
I will not call you what you are not.
I know my authority in Christ.
I am not surrendering to insanity.
I respect boundaries, walls, fences, locked doors, rules and regulations.
I am not God, or a god, I am not equal to God, I cannot dethrone Him, nor do I wish to.
I know the difference between right and wrong. And your wrong will not become my right!
I know the difference between good and evil. And I will not approve of your evil!

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2 thoughts on “God Says, “Hold the Line!”

  1. Blanche Siler says:

    Thank you. I will hold the line in Jesus name Amen

    1. Becky Dvorak says:

      You are a wise believer!

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