• Discouraged?
  • Need a miracle?
  • Lack the faith to believe?
  • Desire to be empowered to heal?
  • Receive step by step Biblical instruction to activate God’s healing power in your life.
  • And be encouraged as you read the amazing testimonies that are in this book.

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Becky’s books have been life to me.” Cynthia, VA

“I just finished your first book Dare to Believe and you wowed me. Thank you for writing such a wonderful faith-filled book. I saw your listing in Spiritled woman and checked you out... cannot wait to read your second book, Greater than Magic.”       Victoria, FL.

  “A man at my church was on dialysis 3 times a week. I prayed for him, gave him your book, Dare to Believe, and a printed copy of your 100 healing scriptures. This week he was told he doesn’t need dialysis anymore and they are taking the pick out of his neck next week. Praise Jesus!!!” Cindy, VA.


What are others saying about the book?

Becky Dvorak has teamed with Destiny Image to help create one of the best educational teaching tools on healing. – Donald Nori, Jr. President

A Field Manual For Moving In The Miraculous

My 25 years of experience in walking in the supernatural and being involved in leading various schools of ministries including the International Church of Las Vegas School of Ministry, has given me an opportunity to meet many gifted, anointed and powerful men and women of God. Becky Dvorak is among those called of God to bring a healing impartation to this generation. Becky’s book “DARE to Believe” provides the needed faith ingredients on how to walk in the supernatural, as well as being empowered to heal the sick.

Becky’s ability to write on this subject comes from living a “life style” of faith in action, proven over many years of ministry. The anointing within her life is captured in this book, and any student of the Word, who desires to walk in the miraculous, will receive a great impartation by reading and applying the practical and scriptural truths in this book.

I encourage every school of ministry to include Becky’s books which is like a “field” manual for moving in the miraculous, as part of their teaching curriculum. – Pastor /CEO Johnny Morales, Operation H.O.P.E., Inc. , Las Vegas, Nevada

Retail Price $16.99    Sale Price $10.


“DARE to Believe” has jump started the outreach for many of the students of our School of Supernatural Ministry. Faith to do the works that Jesus did )for us praying for the sick) began as some of the students who read Becky’s book put it into action. During one of our outreaches two of the ladies prayed for a woman in the local nursing home who was confined to a wheel chair with two broken hips. As they learned that one of the biggest points of the book is to take a step of faith after prayer…in this case they were literal steps. The woman got up and walked with a little assistance but soon wanted all people to let her walk by herself.

Next to the Bible, I call this book a primer to Healing Ministry. Becky lays the foundation for Biblical Healing but follows it with testimonies that demonstrate faith principles in action which YOU can do.  – Tim Kurki, Daytona Beach, FL

DARE to Believe Will get you up from the spectator bench and on your feet to action! – Fern Smith, Bloomington, MN

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