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A Gift of Hope for Christmas

Miguel nearly choked when he received the doctor’s diagnosis of cancer. He was sent home for the month of December to spend his last Christmas with his family.

We were invited to their home to pray for him. We encouraged him in the Word, anointed him with oil and ministered healing to him, but most important of all we gave him the gift of hope for Christmas. He dared to believe and was miraculously healed of cancer.

His family rejoices and now share with others what they were given years ago, a gift of hope for Christmas.


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BECKY DVORAK, author of DARE to Believe, Greater Than Magic, The Healing Creed, The Prophetic & Healing Power of Your Words, Conquering the Spirit of Death, The Waves of Healing Glory, host of Empowered for Healing and Miracles on ISN channel, and content partner with Spirit Led Woman / Charisma, featured guest on Sid Roth's --It's Supernatural! TV show, and on Today with Marilyn & Sarah TV show, is a prophetess and healing evangelist who conducts healing services, seminars, and conferences globally. After being full-time missionaries since 1994 with her husband David in Guatemala, Central America, Becky now resides in the United States. Becky and David are founders of Healing and Miracles International, Vida Ilimitada, and Life Tender Mercy Children’s Home. They celebrate 40+ years of marriage, have 8 children, 3 biological, 5 adopted, 1 son-in-law, 4 daughters-in-law, and 14 grandchildren.

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3 thoughts on “A Gift of Hope for Christmas

  1. Hilda de ajsivinac says:

    Dear Becky:
    May the Lord continue using you this next 2012, thank you for investing your life here bringing hope to our people. Greetings and hugs to you and your family.
    Hilda de Ajsivinac

    1. Becky Dvorak says:

      Querida Hermana Hilda,
      Es un gran placer a vivir en Guatemala para animar la gente con la palabra de Dios y ensenar Su poder. Los Guatemaltecos son mis hermanos en Cristo!
      Con Su Amor,
      Becky :O)

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