My new book will prepare you for the end-times tsunami of signs, wonders, miracles, and the greater works that Jesus promised.

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Prepare Yourself for the End-Times
Tsunami of Signs, Wonders, Miracles, and the Greater Works Jesus Promised.

A tsunami of miracle power and healing glory is coming.  Are you prepared?

On January 7, 2012, God showed Becky Dvorak a tsunami wave of supernatural healing that would hit the western world. These are not waves to run from, but waves for believers to ride, as they usher in the Great Harvest of souls – and ultimately, the return of Jesus. How can you position yourself to catch these waves and help to release God’s supernatural power across the earth?

In The Waves of Healing Glory, Becky teaches readers to access the heart of the Father and recognize the enemy’s strategies. You won’t catch these waves in the streets until you catch them in your prayer closet!

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